Text Box: Massachusetts Protective Mothers 
for Custodial Justice, Inc.
Dedicated to preventing re-victimization of battered women and their children in legal intervention, “MPMCJ” ("massmoms") provides issue-specific resources for protective mothers in  Massachusetts and beyond. 
P.O. Box 754
Barnstable, MA  02630
(866) 926-9650
Email:  info@massmoms.org

A 501(c)3 statewide nonprofit for protective mothers, MPMCJ provides skilled victim advocacy in discretionary, tiered support with simultaneous scrutiny of related services and processes.

Massachusetts Protective Mothers for Custodial Justice

Thank You For Keeping us Going for Mothers Protecting Children



In 2016 Massachusetts Protective Mothers celebrates eight years of organization.  We are an independent, fully-women-run, nonprofit corporation of trained and certified victim advocates, together comprising decades of family law and victim advocacy experience, assisting battered mothers protecting their children in legal processes.


We are proud to be the only organization dedicated to serving battered mothers protecting children - in Massachusetts and possibly the nation.  We thank all of our supporters for sticking with us during our first few years.  In 2016 we continue to do unexpected work for mothers and for advocates, and to see and hear results of our years-long work.  


 MPMCJ looks forward to ending the necessity of our work on the ground and to sharing our advocacy knowledge so that enforcement efforts can competently replace it. We actively seek policy change and meaningful remedy to the positioning of improper people and  harmful practices in our legal and other “helping” systems,  and hope for swift accomplishment of our goals.


In the meantime, in response to the needs of battered mothers, we “give her something she can use”.  


Improperly trained others may try to “understand”, sympathize, or cooperate with illegal processes, may attempt to sell battered women’s hard earned, local  history,  and worse: re-expose matters in ill-advised attempts to “create dialogue”, “discussion” - actually manufacturing controversies around potentially lethal issues facing victims of domestic violence for others’ benefit. MPMCJ does not assist efforts that clearly have no qualified appreciation for safety and futures of affected families.  We do not align with anyone looking to exploit mothers and their children for publicity, for business, or for research efforts—defined or otherwise — we work to outlaw gender biased cases  that place children at risk.  We do not make work for foreign  practitioners, engage in “collaborative research efforts” that further exploit single mothers and their children, give business to private counselors, the GAL “industry” or counseling agencies/”health” associations, etc.  Legal and other practitioners who unnecessarily prolong families’ cases in this way, hurting children and their mothers, are never our resources, and in fact are reportable.   MPMCJ encourages and empowers mothers in their cases to protect their children.


We work to end exploitation


MPMCJ advocates for fit  mothers who are in litigation to protect their children.    Additionally, and secondarily, we are mandated reporters to competent oversight agencies, and we rate those as well.  MPMCJ reports people and processes that compromise victim safety.  There is no remedy without accountability.


We think collaborative efforts can be much more streamlined and vetted for ethics, knowledge and efficacy.  If we truly care about the safety of children and preventing domestic violence,  real programs must not exclude those who know the most about best practices and good performance.


MPMCJ believes we can end this remediation business without a “next five years”.  We think methods have become run backwards and upside-down.  We look forward to showing how real justice can improve everyone’s lives...